“Parent-writers speak their minds all the time, so it’s a pleasure—no, it’s more than a pleasure, it’s a revelation—to discover a smart and insightful grandparent-writer like Karen Rancourt presenting issues and concerns from a grandmother’s experience and perspective. This book is a fresh and important contribution to the genre of parenting and family relationships.”

-Eric Messinger, Editor, New York Family

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Readers’ Advance Praise for Ask Dr. Gramma Karen

“Dr. Rancourt puts things in perspective, reminds her readers of what’s really important, and helps them find ways to maintain respectful family relationships.”

“She expertly diffuses highly-emotional family situations with current research on the topic and provides solutions that are sensible and sensitive to all of the parties involved.”

“She has taught me many skills that help me better manage communication, expectations, and boundaries in my immediate and extended family.”

Grandchildren are a welcome addition to the family, but young parents and grandparents often have different ideas, approaches, styles, and beliefs about parenting. The result: family conflicts for which there often seem to be no happy resolutions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For her new book, Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., otherwise known as Dr. Gramma Karen, gathered reader questions and her responses from her widely-read column at Mommybites.com, a national, online community for parenting resources and education.

Dr. Rancourt’s answers are much more than just advice. She goes beneath the surface to reveal deeper issues intruding on family relationships. Straightforward and nonjudgmental, she evaluates conflicts from all points of view, provides related current research, and gives readers specific words and phrases they can use to more effectively address and resolve problems.

In Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, readers will find intergenerational issues addressed in five key areas of concern:

  • Involvement: The Need for Boundaries
  • Communication: The Need to Get It Right
  • Assumptions and Expectations: Avoiding Disappointment
  • Power and Control: Letting Go of the Need to Win
  • Values, Beliefs, and Principles: The Need to Consider Accommodation

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